Sunday, July 14, 2024

New Tolar subdivision will bring first city park


A new housing development is coming to Tolar, and it will bring the town’s first public park.

Called The Parks of Tolar, the project by developers Tim Hanvey and Marvin Proctor is located near FM 56 off Parkview Circle.

The 90-home subdivision contains nearly seven acres of park area that has been donated to the city.

Hanvey, a longtime Tolar resident, said that all the lots have been sold and the infrastructure has been completed.

He said that he and Proctor will not be the builders.

Mayor Terry Johnson said that the City Council will probably not firm up plans for the park until the houses have been built.

He indicated that the city might plant trees on the donated land as part of its conversion of the coastal field to a city park.

Johnson said that all residents of Tolar will be able to use the park.

The longtime mayor said that Tolar and the surrounding area has seen more growth since the Granbury City Council began imposing development moratoriums due to a delay in building a second wastewater treatment plant.

The moratorium initially affected the east side of town, but the City Council made the ban citywide last October.

Granbury’s extraterritorial jurisdiction is also affected.