Thursday, December 7, 2023

Pirate football’s unsung heroes: The Granbury High School Football Booster Club


The excitement and mystique of Friday Night Lights are literally woven into the fabric of life for most people throughout the State of Texas. In even the smallest communities, the pomp and production value of each week’s football games rival that of a Rock and Roll concert tour!

In Granbury, as in most towns across Texas, the Pirate Football team isn’t just a group of young athletes but a symbol of community pride and resilience. While the players and coaches put in the hours on the field, there’s a dedicated team off the field that works tirelessly to ensure they have everything they need. Enter the Granbury High School Football Booster Club.

Leading the charge of this commendable effort is the club’s president, Scott Wyss; Sarah Riley - Vice President; Kelly Meyer - Secretary; and Damon Cumba – Treasurer. Wyss has dedicated four years to the Football Booster Club, working alongside an army of passionate parents and community members to uplift and support the GHS football program.

“The Booster club is made up of parents of players at the high school,” said Wyss. “We have roughly 50 members.”

But these aren’t just any parents. They’re individuals who sincerely believe in the value of sports in molding young minds and championing their community spirit. The club’s primary aim is fundraising, acting as the financial backbone for the Pirate Football team. From purchasing helmets for the senior class, updating game jerseys and pants, to ensuring the team never plays on an empty stomach with pre-game meals during home games, the Booster Club has it covered. Additionally, they put together game-day programs and an end-of-year banquet and fervently promote the team within the community.

Their mission statement reflects this commitment: “To support the coaching staff, players, and football community in achieving athletic excellence on and off the field while providing a mechanism to raise funds and instill a sense of public camaraderie.”

“I am grateful for our Granbury Touchdown club and the work they do for our young men and our program,” said Head Coach Sonny Galindo. “The work these parents and volunteers are doing is clearly in line with our program’s vision of building young men into good citizens, fathers, and persons in general. I’m also excited that they are growing in membership numbers this season. I would hope we can reach upwards of 100 members soon.”

Focused on supporting Pirate Football Players, the Booster Club operates with a clear goal: to ensure the team’s success and well-being. Moreover, the club is recognized as a 501c3 non-profit, making contributions to the organization tax-deductible.

Community support is the lifeblood of the Booster Club’s operations. Through generous donations from individuals and businesses, the club has facilitated numerous initiatives. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and champion the Pirate Football team, from golf tournament sponsorships to banquet sponsorships to game day promotions.

“We encourage anyone who wishes to attend our monthly meetings and to be involved as much as they want,” remarked Wyss. “We will have our yearly elections in December after our football banquet.”

For those in the Granbury community, here’s an open invitation: step up, set sail, and become a part of the thrilling journey of the Pirate Football team. By supporting the Football Booster Club, you’re not just backing a team but fostering a legacy of sporting excellence and community pride. You can follow Granbury Pirates Touchdown Club on Facebook for updated information.