Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Rock for Brock

Brock’s to hold fundraiser following owner’s cancer diagnosis


For years, James Brock has donated his time, giving back to the Hood County community with various fundraisers and charity endeavors.

Now it’s our turn to help him.

Brock, who is the owner of Brock’s Food and Drinks in Acton, was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and has started treatment at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

“It has spread,” Jae Crawford, Brock’s daughter, told the HCN. “It started in his lungs and now it's in his stomach, liver, neck and lymph nodes. It kind of knocked the wind out of all of us. He definitely needs the support."

Crawford explained that Brock’s cancer diagnosis was confirmed in the beginning of November, with his doctors revealing how serious the diagnosis seemed.

"The hospital told us that it looked bad and that we needed to get into an oncologist ASAP,” Crawford said. “We have friends who are on the board at MD Anderson, and they really helped us get in there. We got a foot in the door immediately, which was a game changer because as aggressive as his (cancer) is, he couldn't have waited, so God's hand has definitely been in all of this for sure.”

To assist with the costs associated with the cancer treatment, a fundraiser for Brock will take place at Brock’s Food and Drinks, located at 4021 Acton Hwy., at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 3.

Crawford said she has no idea how long the event — called Rock for Brock — is supposed to last, as 22 bands are scheduled to make an appearance during the event.

“There's no way you could orchestrate all of this,” she said. “I mean, God's hand from the oncologist, to the people who came to help us, to where they're staying, like there has been God's hand in every single piece of it. There's 22 artists that have just volunteered their time for this.”

Artists who are scheduled to perform for the benefit include: Tommy Alverson, Terry Rasor, Steve Helms, Ben McPherson, Chad Prather, Coby Wier, Doug Rose, Aaron Copeland, Rowdy Decker, Tyrell Choat, Garrett Glover, Andie Kay, Nate Kipp, Clete Bradley, Brock DeWald, Randy Brown, Mike Graham, Garrett Glover, Gary Millhollon, Gary P Nunn, Walt Wilkins, Dave Thomas, Jamie Richards and Bo Phillips.

The event will also include a plethora of raffle and auction items like: a grill, pamper basket, a Right to Carey basket and membership, a black Tri Mini Australian Shepherd puppy, Courville’s AR rifle, a Troy Aikman-autographed guitar, a pair of Fenoglio boots, a Dan Taylor painted guitar, and much more.

"I can't even begin to tell you how many auction items have been donated for this,” Crawford said. “It’s going to be a great night celebrating James and all he has done.”

Additionally, Christa Ragland, family friend of the Brocks, designed T-shirts, bandanas, bracelets and koozies, with 100% of the proceeds going toward Brock’s cancer treatments.

The T-shirt is available in white and gray and features the phrase “Brock’s Army,” surrounded by cancer ribbons and a smaller phrase underneath that reads, “We jam together, we fight together!” The back of the shirt features one simple word: “Love.”

"Even if you've never met my dad, before you leave him, he always says ‘Love,’ so no matter who you are, he's gonna tell you he loves you,” Crawford said. “(It’s why) on the back of the shirts, it just says ‘love.’”

Ragland also recently posted the T-shirts on her Facebook page, complete with a heartfelt tribute to Brock, who helped her when her father passed away.

“When my mom was diagnosed with cancer, they were the FIRST to jump on board with a fundraiser for us,” the post reads. “If you remember, it was at the old RibShack which is now Brocks Food and Drinks. They got all the live music, silent auction items and food and helped us so much in such a tough time. It’s now time that I get to give back to them just a tiny fraction of all they have done for my family.”

Ragland’s post explained that the best way to support the Brock family would be to eat at their local restaurant, purchase the fundraiser T-shirts, and to save the date for the fundraiser event on Dec. 3.

“I'm 41 years old and my whole life (Brock) has always been a part of fundraising,” Crawford said. “So, whether we were living in North Richland Hills, and he was helping out at Thanksgiving and delivering toys for Christmas, to when we moved to Granbury, he's been implementing that as well.”

Brock’s Food and Drinks also regularly hosts its free Thanksgiving dinner every year, feeding at least 1,000 people at the venue. Even through all his current struggles, Brock still held his annual free Thanksgiving dinner called Pastures of Plenty on Nov. 23.

“Philanthropy is a big deal to both of my parents,” Crawford said. “This cancer kind of came out of nowhere, and it's pretty aggressive.”

Crawford added that she is asking for prayers for Brock’s healing and comfort.

"He's in a lot of pain right now,” she said. “The tumor in his lungs is really big, so it's causing constant pain.”

Although Brock’s diagnosis is severe, Crawford said the main positive she hopes to get out of the benefit is that people will come to know God through the experience.

“We’re going to give God the glory,” she added. “(His cancer is) very severe, but it’s God’s will. Our biggest hope is that people come to know the Lord through this — that’s been our biggest thing.”

Individuals can donate to Brock’s wife’s Venmo account at Jan-Brock-3. For more information, call Brock’s at (817) 326-4752.