Friday, June 21, 2024

‘So others may learn’ | New GHS principal excited to 'lead a great place’


Granbury High School Principal Jamie Robinson said “goodbye” to the Boerne Greyhounds and has now officially become a Granbury Pirate.

As former principal Jeremy Ross assumes his new position as the assistant principal of academics at Cleburne High School, Robinson is excited to transition from a middle school principal to a high school principal.

“I wanted to come to a high school and live in a community that had the same values I did,” he explained. “Granbury was the place we landed, and we're very thankful. It’s worked out beautifully.”

Robinson served as principal at Boerne Middle School South for two years. Prior to that, he was tasked with opening Van Raub Elementary in Fair Oaks Ranch as the school’s first principal.

He also served as an assistant principal at Walzem Elementary (Northeast ISD) and Bradford Elementary (San Angelo).

Robinson started his public education career in the classroom in 2001, where he was a teacher for 10 years having taught second, fourth, fifth, and sixth grades in San Angelo ISD before moving to campus administration.

In total, he has served as an educator for over 20 years — but Robinson wasn’t always so driven.

"I'm actually a first-generation college graduate," he said. "When I was in school, I got in trouble pretty often. My parents knew every principal I had. I wasn't horrible, but I wasn't the best student.”

Once he started spending time with new friends, however, Robinson started going down a different — and better — path.

"With great teachers and great friend choices, I started seeing opportunities,” he explained.

After spending some time debating on whether he wanted to enlist in the Navy or head to college, Robinson chose education and soon got accepted into Angelo State University.

“The neat part about it was in high school, I was told by one of my counselors, ‘You're too poor. You don't have good grades. Your behavior isn't good, so you need to choose either a trade or just go into the military,’” he said. “But I got up from her office and was like, ‘You know, this isn't helpful. I do want to go to college.’”

His perseverance and determination to prove others wrong was the driving force behind his motivation to earn a degree — and he did.

Robinson earned both his Bachelor of Science and master's degree from Angelo State University and completed his Texas Superintendent Certification through Lamar University.

“What I've been able to do from all that is when I see a kid that's acting out in class, I'm like, ‘Look man,’ and I have that conversation with them, and a lot of them straighten out,” he said.

Robinson now uses his own experiences to influence students to make better choices — because he is living proof that you can still succeed even when you are constantly being told otherwise.

"I was named a distinguished graduate student in college, and it was cool, because way back in high school, I was the kid that couldn't or shouldn't, but then I was the only recipient of that award,” he explained. “So, I tell people all the time, ‘Wherever you are now, if you want to be further, you can do it.’”

He also encourages students to find a passion to help motivate them in the right direction.

"Band was my motivation, and that's why I want so many kids in the schools to find something,” Robinson said. “I don't care what it is but be part of something and get the right people around you, and then everybody will push each other to be better.”

Robinson also abides by his educational mission, which is: “So others may learn.”

"That's helped me structure things and set the stage for success,” he explained. “When I'm putting things on our staff, and they say, ‘Well, why are we doing this?’ It's so our kids can learn, and we're better for it.”

One goal that Robinson has as he assumes his new role of GHS principal is to provide support for students who are in need.

"I wasn't supposed to be successful, but I look at how many kids are economically disadvantaged, and if I can show them what's out there, and we can provide all the support, we're going to have a more productive society,” he said.

Robinson said he believes Granbury is an “ideal place to be,” and he is excited to lead students into becoming “the best they can be.”

“I think Granbury is a great place, and with the staff, the students I've met, and the community, I'm most excited that I get to come here and lead a great place,” he added. “I don't think we've hit our peak yet. I think we have some areas whether it's fine arts, academics, or athletics, that we might not win at everything, but I'm excited to help them every day, and if we can do that for everybody on our campus, then I'll be a very happy man.”

He added that he can’t wait to see the positive impact that he and his staff make on students in the future.

"It takes time to see it, but I want to be here for the long haul and retire here,” Robinson added. “I think I have another 15 to 20 years left in me, but we'll see what happens.”