Thursday, December 7, 2023

YES Matters


The number one question asked by companies looking to relocate into a new community is ‘How good are the schools?’  They aren’t asking about tax breaks, special deals, preferential treatment…they want to know if they bring their company…their jobs…their people to a new town, will their employees’ children get a good education.  And, it also stands to reason that companies moving into new communities are looking for new talent that has been produced by those schools.  Whether it’s a company of 25 or 500, the question is always the same.  YES Matters for current and future jobs in Granbury.

Bond elections have grown in size over the years, in part, because in many cases, the mandates pushed down from state and federal governments must be part of any new construction or remodeling of existing facilities.  Keeping buildings in top working conditions that are 30, 40 even 50 years old is no small task…just like keeping your home in top conditions over the same time period requires regular updating and investment.  Investing in the public school system is no different than investing in your home or for your retirement…you’re building for the future.  YES Matters for investing in the infrastructure of our schools.

In Granbury, we already know that student growth is taking place…and within a couple of years, several elementary campuses will be at or above capacity.   We also know that teachers in GISD are significantly underpaid compared to their peers in surrounding districts, and are having to deal with overcrowding and, in some instance, a lack of classroom space.  Temporary buildings aren’t the answer…never have been, never will be.  In fact, they cost MORE to operate over time than a well-built and maintained brick and mortar facility…and are one of the worst places to be in hail and tornado season.  YES Matters for the compensation of teachers and staff, and the safety and security of students, teachers and staff.

On Nov. 7, you have a clear choice…help solidify our future workforce; invest in safety, security and infrastructure; send a message to our teachers and staff that we value the work that they do; believe in the long-term success of our schools, students and teachers.  Or not.  If you have students in the district, the answer should be an easy YES.  If you don’t have students in the district, ask yourself this question before you vote…will your home’s value improve over time if the schools don’t?  YES Matters when you have a choice to do the right thing.

At its September meeting, the Chamber’s Board of Directors unanimously passed a resolution of support for both GISD ballot initiatives…the bond election and VATRE.  Businesses needs good schools…and good schools need businesses.  The Chamber realizes that our businesses can’t grow and thrive without employees.  Our businesses can’t grow and thrive without new customers.  Our businesses can’t grow and thrive without acknowledging the value of an educated workforce. On Nov. 7, YES Matters.