Sunday, May 26, 2024



I was driving East on Loop 567 approaching the Hwy 51 intersection recently when a service vehicle on the other side of the intersection made an abrupt U-turn and stopped on the side of the road. I watched as a young man leapt out of the vehicle, ran towards a previously unnoticed grass fire alongside the road and began stomping it out.

The wind was up, and the fire was trying to spread, but the young man was doing everything possible to put it out with his feet. I turned around to see if I could help. When I got to the spot the young man seemed to be successful in extinguishing the fire. He and I located a cigarette that appeared to be the cause of the fire. As we talked, the wind rekindled the fire and we had to stomp some more. After about 10 minutes I left the scene, but the young man decided to take his lunch break there beside the road to make sure the fire didn't start up again.

When I passed back 20 minutes later, he was still there. Kyle Saunders of Airserv Heating & Air Conditioning is a hero. His fast action prevented what could have been a quick moving grassfire pushed by a strong wind. A hero is not someone playing a part on TV. A hero is a regular guy who selflessly acts for the public good when needed. Kyle Saunders is such a hero. Good job, Kyle.

Granbury, Tx