Sunday, May 26, 2024

Letter-Courtney Gore

"Listen up, YOU ARE SPECIAL!"


Yes, YOU. The educator reading this letter to the editor; YOU are SPECIAL. You help raise up the next generation of leaders in this community. You help the child who struggles to read, become successful. You help the child who wonders if they can ever do anything right, believe in themselves. You model kindness and compassion and for some, the time they spend in your classroom is the only place they see this. You make sure our children are fed, happy and safe. You help instill a love of learning in our children that they carry with them for life. You dedicate yourselves to not only ensuring our children's academic success but helping them grow socially and emotionally as well.

Teaching goes beyond the three "R's" and incorporates a true partnership with families to address the whole child. So many needs exist in our community, but YOU make one of, if not the most significant difference in the lives of this community. You are an extension of our family, and WE LOVE YOU. More importantly, though, we know you love our children and for that we are forever grateful. Thank you for loving on our babies all throughout the year and preparing them for success in life.

Courtney Gore

Proud parent of three Granbury ISD students and one Graduate