Sunday, May 26, 2024

Letter-James Luckie

"You is smart, you is kind, you is important"


I felt that borrowing this line from a great movie was an appropriate response to the letter to the editor in last week’s edition referencing educators in Granbury ISD. Every person, from the janitors to the superintendent, who serve our children, are a blessing and should be thanked at every opportunity.

As a 20 plus year veteran police officer, I have seen things that are unimaginable, that have given me nightmares and challenged my hope and faith in the human race. In 2022 I took a job in a school district police department, wanting to have the honor and privilege of making a difference for the next generation. I lasted six months. This tough, seasoned veteran police officer wasn’t made for being around 900-1000 middle school students five days a week.

I tell every teacher I meet thank you and assure them that they are uniquely made by their creator as a “special” person who was called to shape and mold the future generations of leaders and all people. If some of them were offended or felt threatened by the actions of an individual, it is nobody’s place to invalidate their feelings by chastising them and belittling them. To all of the teachers, administrators, janitors, maintenance workers, school bus drivers, paraprofessionals, office aids and anyone else whose paycheck reads “Granbury ISD”, you are SPECIAL! You are also smart, you are kind, and you are important!

James Luckie, Parent of former GISD student

Burleson, Tx