Sunday, May 26, 2024
Letter- Paula L. McDonald

Letter- Paula L. McDonald

Listen up teachers: You are special


I was dismayed to read the Letter to the Editor last weekend from Shirley Stowe. Her verbal barrage toward the teachers, administrators, and staff of Granbury ISD, she systematically denigrates ALL of these amazing individuals. Ms. Stowe, I don’t know who you are yet, I can guarantee, that your life has been positively impacted at some point by a teacher.

As a former high school Biology teacher, I can attest to the long hours, constant preparation, the personal money I spent in order to create a lesson or lab so my students could learn tough concepts. All of my teacher colleagues did the same. They cared, and they poured into their students both academically and personally.

You see, teaching is one of those professions that everyone believes THEY know more about than those of us who have trained, educated, and put in the time and effort. Ms. Stowe, I challenge you this minute to spend some time with a teacher so you can fully understand the immensity of their jobs. You simply have NO idea!

To the teachers, administrators, and staff of GISD, thank YOU all for all you do for our students and this community. YOU MATTER! YOU ARE LOVED! YOU ARE HONORED.

Pay no attention to the true agenda at play here and that is to destroy public education from the inside out. VOTE for MOORE-ALANA to protect our school district from the predatory groups who wish to destroy and defund our educational system. VOTE a resounding YES to the upcoming Bond Proposal and VATRE that will provide our teachers and staff with a much-needed raise. VOTE YES TO THE STUDENTS OF GISD.

Paula L. McDonald

Proud, Former Teacher