Sunday, May 26, 2024

“Listen up, you are not special.”


*“Listen up, you are not special.”

We are nation of survivors, children, and grandchildren of those won back-to-back World War championships and yet having a school board member go into a library with a lit cell phone causes "teacher staff and administrators to feel violated, disrespected and threatened".

Perhaps those individuals should have run into their safe spaces and done deep breathing exercises to relieve their overwhelming stress though I suspect, once there, if the Playdoh colors they prefer were unavailable, the outcry would be just as ridiculous. I grow weary of the constant aggrieved outcries from today's educators. Listen up, you are not special. You are hired to do a job just like every other employee in every other business. You do not walk on water and if you cannot handle someone in a library (because you happen to disagree with her) what in the world will you do if you ever have to deal with a real problem? Cope with life. Not everyone thinks you are the be all and the end all and come Nov 7, 2023, that will once again be the message that voters will send loud and clear.

We have a district superintendent here who thinks it is perfectly fine to insult any woman who does not bend to his magnificence. "I can explain that to you, but I cannot understand it for you", was Mr. Glenn's response when he could not answer a question because he knew he had NO answer.

Granbury, Tx