Sunday, May 26, 2024

Letter-Zeb Ullom

Narrow vision


The latest attack on teachers expressed in the HCN demonstrates the narrow vision of those who do not have kids in our school district.

Passing knowledge from one generation to the next is known worldwide as the most noble profession. In most of Asia, teachers are treated like nobility because of the honor in what they do. In ancient countries, teachers were immortalized in stone with names like Socrates and Plato. The author of the letter cited generations of Americans winning both world wars. Did she think the atomic bomb, which ended those wars was invented without the input of teachers in the lives of Oppenheimer and other scientists? This narrow mindedness truly astounds me.

I suppose the author of the letter has no education, or she would have a better appreciation for the teaching profession. I am 46 years old, and I remember the names of the many teachers who educated and inspired me. It is sad to think that some people lack that in their lives, and they now regurgitate their own self-hate. It does not surprise me that such a feeble mindset belongs to a group who desire to dumb down our children by dictating what they cannot read regardless of parental wishes.

What the author would think if the tables were turned? What if she had law enforcement called on her by a person with positional power who later denied calling law enforcement? What if she had her office and desk invaded by that same person, working under cover of dark, attempting to uncover evidence against her? How can the author know the story and not comprehend that teachers are scared of a certain trustee because of the war being waged on our librarians? Perhaps she never had a teacher who taught her the valuable lesson of empathy.

Zeb Ullom